Those wishing to take part in the Tattoo Convention fill out the registration form of the Convention participant and sent 6  photos of their work and 1 photo of artist on the organizers – and copy


For the participants of the festival provided such variants of exhibition space:

  1. Booth for one tattoo artist, size – 4 sq. meter. The cost is 175€. (early birds cost 150€ till 31.12.2018)
  2. Booth for two tattoo artists, size – 8 square meters. The cost is 350 €. (early birds cost 300€ till 31.12.2018)
  3. Booth for suppliers, size – 8 square meters. The cost is 550 €.
  4. Unequipped exhibition space, 2m x 2m. The cost is 100 €.


The cost of participation (tattoo master and suppliers) includes the provision of exhibition space and additional services:

Information package;
Diploma of the participant;
Tickets for three days – 3 pieces;
VIP Pass – 1 pc;
luncheon voucher – 3 pieces;
Supplies: bottled water, garbage bags, paper towels.

1) There is a possibility to submit two exhibitors in one booth or to buy a half of the booth, but only the prior acceptance of the organizers.

2) I undertake to respect the following principles: of sanitary – epidemiological in the allocated boxes during the festival.

-in the case of a tattoo studio a total ban of carried out in box a sale of any goods other than promotional materials of tattoo studio containing its name or logo.

-all fresh tattoos within the Convention area (including during breaks when tattooing) must be protected with a foil

-a total ban on smoking within the Convention area.

-a ban of bringing your own alcohol and alcoholic beverages

-a total ban on the consumption of meals, in particular within tattoo studio / exhibition box outside the designated places

3) Two VIP tickets are due to the one booth, authorizing to catering, as well as two standard tickets authorizing to access to the festival area for free days.

4) Cancellation of the participation in the Convention will result in the loss of paid money.